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27. May 2019.

Bujanovac - The Subotica Faculty of Economics’ Department of the University of Novi Sad in Bujanovac is organizing, on its premises, a round table entitled "Effective Participation of National Minorities in Public Life" at 10 am on May 30.

In the spirit of the Lund Recommendations on the Effective Participation of National Minorities in Public Life, the OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities Issues is organizing a round table at the Subotica Faculty of Economics’ Department in Bujanovac. The all-day event will be attended by representatives of the local authorities, the academia, experts in this field and representatives of the Coordination Body.  

The round table will begin at 10. 15 am with introductory remarks, followed by the panel discussion "Multilingual Education as a Way of Effective Participation in Economic Life, Experiences of the Bujanovac Department, Advantages and Challenges". Investments in intercultural communication, consideration of the contribution of the media and information technologies in meeting the needs and interests of a diverse society, as well as incentives for participating in the social life that contribute to the positive interaction of the community, are the topics at the round table that will be discussed. 

The working languages of the event are Serbian, Albanian and English.

Source: OSCE Mission to Serbia and Coordination Body