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27. October 2017.

The IT sector is one of the largest net exporters in Serbia and it grew at a rate of over 10% every year, with a strong potential for future growth. The sector currently employs around 20,000 workers. The average salary per employee in the IT sector is almost three times higher than in the other industries. Every worker in the IT sector contributes to Serbian exports with about 40 thousand euros per year

Program description

A short-term pilot training program was designed with the aim of contributing to the rapid supply of talented persons on the labor market and is funded by the Government of the Republic of Serbia in cooperation with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). The project consists of two phases - the first pilot phase involved 100 participants and 4 training organizers, while another 900 participants will be involved in the second pilot phase.

Method of application
One may apply for participating in the program on until November 5, 2017.

Eligible to apply are all adult citizens of Serbia who have completed secondary school. Ineligible to apply are the citizens who are currently studying or have completed more than two years of study at IT departments (departments with more than 20% of the exams in the IT subjects) at universities or colleges.

Citizens who are studying or have graduated from university at the departments which had less than 20% of the exams in the IT subjects can participate in the program. Citizens who are employed are entitled to participate in the program if they have enough time to devote to the course. Employed persons who are not currently working or have not worked for more than six months on programming positions in the industry have the right to participate.

The call for applications will run until November 5, 2017.

Further information on the call is available on

Source: Government of the Republic of Serbia – Retraining for the IT Sector and Coordination Body