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27. November 2019.

Belgrade - The youth unemployment rate in Serbia is twice higher than the general unemployment rate and it stands at 22 percent, which is why the state is intensively applying a series of incentives and subsidies to reduce unemployment, Zoran Djordjevic, Minister of Labor, Employment, Veterans' and Social Affairs, said.  

He pointed out at the "Youth Summit 2019" in Belgrade that the state had reduced that rate by three percentage points over the previous year, and added that it was still not sufficiently reduced .

“One of the goals is to find a way to prevent further emigration of young people from the country, but also to bring back those who have already left and maybe even to attract young people from other countries to Serbia, " Minister Djordjevic said.

He also announced that 37 million euros would be earmarked in the budget for retraining, additional training and professional practice in the following year.

Source: RTV Rhythm and Coordination Body