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2. August 2011.

Leskovac – The people from the Leskovac-based Agricultural Advisory and Expert Office are of the view that last week’s rain is going to have a beneficial effect on the growth and harvest of corn.

Corn is currently in the stage when its grains need water for growing, so that last week’s rain came at the very last moment, said Novica Milenkovic, an expert associate of the said office.  

He believes that the current condition of the said crop is satisfactory and that we could expect a yield of around four tons of dry corn grains per hectare.   

Unfortunately, the irrigation system in Serbia is rather undeveloped, since only one per cent of the farming land is irrigated, so that the domestic cross-breeds’ potentials, which amount to as many as to 10 tons of dry corn grains per hectare, are insufficiently used.   

Due to several dry years in the past, it is necessary to plant cross-breeds from the 400 and 500 groups, which are more resistant to draughts.

The Leskovac-based Agricultural Expert and Advisory Office estimates that a yield of around six tons of dry corn grains may be expected from the irrigated farming land where agricultural and technical measures were fully applied.