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25. February 2016.

Part of the winning team, which, on behalf of the southern part of central Serbia, had won prizes for the residents of the southern Serbian municipalities during the New Year's program of the Radio and Television of Serbia, reached the villages of the municipality of Bujanovac, where it made the youngest happy.

The prizes were, on behalf of the citizens, won by the actors, singers and employees of the Radio and Television of Serbia who come from those municipalities. On that occasion, two television sets were presented to the "Our Joy" preschool institution in the village of Letovica.

Both the children and employees of the preschool institution were delighted by the gift. Edon Sabani expressed the thanks of the children for the gift and said that they would now be able to watch cartoons and enjoy themselves.   

“I would like to thank the Radio and Television of Serbia for the gift that we have received. It has made both the children and me very happy and we will use it for our work in the future”, said Antogona Ahmeti, the teacher. 

During two months of the awarding of humanitarian prizes, the team of the entertainment program, along with the one of the "Vox" company, visited kindergartens, schools and health centers in South Serbia.

“Given that we are in the area where I come from, as I was born in the village of Zbevac, which isn’t far from here, I’m happy and excited that I'm one of the participants in the program, and one of those who donate the TVs on behalf of the Public Broadcasting Service of Serbia, said Ceda Markovic, a singer.

Source: Radio and Television of Serbia and Coordination Body