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17. August 2016.

Medvedja, Lebane, Vlasotince – This year, the Leskovac-based branch of the National Employment Office (NEO), in cooperation with three local self- governments in the area of Jablanica district, will carry out public works in Medvedja, Lebane and Vlasotince.

The said public works will commence on August 20 and will last two to three months, while the total value of the works is 8 million dinars. Of that amount, 4 million and 700 thousand dinars will be provided by the NEO, while a little over 3 million dinars will be given by the local self-governments.

Public works worth one million and 917 thousand dinars, in which 27 people will be involved, will be carried out in Medvedja.  The value of six public works in Lebane is 4 million dinars and 42 persons will be involved in their performance, while the value of five public works in Vlasotince is one million and 917 thousand dinars and 26 people will be hired for their performance.  

Source: Jugpress and Coordination Body