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28. January 2020.

The Serbian Chamber of Commerce and the Serbian Development Agency are organizing an appearance of Serbian businessmen, as part of Serbia's national booth, at the upcoming 23rd International Trade Fair to be held in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, from March 31 to April 4, 2020.

The appearance at the Mostar Fair is a good opportunity for local exhibitors to present their products and market them in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as on third markets, and to strengthen their existing and gain new business contacts.

Mostar Fair is, by the number of exhibitors and visitors, one of the most successful fair exhibitions in Bosnia and Herzegovina, gathering the exhibitors from over 20 countries from the region and the European Union every year, while this year the partner country is Hungary. 

The costs of renting the space and the construction of the stand are borne by the organizers, while the exhibitors bear the cost of sharing the exhibitors' participation in the cost of appearing at the fair within the national stand in the amount of EUR 500.00, in RSD equivalent at the middle exchange rate of the National Bank of Serbia on the date of invoice issuance.

Exhibitors themselves organize and bear the costs of traveling, accommodation and transportation of their exhibits.

The right to participate in this fair within the national stand, which will be 200m2 large this year, have companies and entrepreneurs registered in the Republic of Serbia, which are engaged in the production of finished and semi-finished products in the field of food industry, furniture, construction industry, textile industries, agricultural machinery and information technology, as well as other industries depending on the type of fair.

The filled-in, signed, certified and scanned application, as well as the scanned certificate of tax administration of the Ministry of Finance on the payment of due taxes, will be received by Friday, February 21 by 4 pm. They are to be e-mailed to:

The original certificate of the tax administration of the Ministry of Finance on the payment of due taxes and contributions, together with the filled-in, signed and certified application, must be sent by post to: The Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Resavska 13-15, 11 000 Belgrade, with the note: The Center for Organizing Fairs and Events, for Jovanka Calina.  

In the event that less than 5 companies apply, the organizers reserve the right to cancel the appearance without any consequences. In the case a larger number of companies apply, the precedence in ranking will depend on:

- The amount of export realized in the previous year,

- The success of appearing at previous fairs organized by the Agency or the Chamber,

- The existence of a new design solution, a new product, production process, etc.,

- The time of submission of the application 

The fulfillment of the requirements and the selection of exhibitors are done by the organizers in accordance with the Rules for participating in the fair.

For all the necessary information, please contact the representatives of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce - Bojana Lalovic on 011/3300 919 and 066/8751 264 or Tatjana Beuk Pirušić on 011 / 3300-912 and 066/875-1161.

Additional call information and supporting documentation are available on

Source: Development Agency of Serbia and Coordination Body