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31. January 2020.

The Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-Government has issued a public call to the municipalities and cities this year, too, to apply for projects that will be fully or partially financed  from the Budget Fund for Local Self-Governments, which amounts to 520 million dinars.

As of this year, the Ministry, under a special call, awards the annual award for the best municipal /city government in the implementation of the principles of good governance in 2019, as a form of financial support for the promotion of good governance at the local level.

Minister Branko Ruzic called on all municipalities and cities to apply with their projects by February 18 this year, thus solving some of the problems of their communities.

“I am extremely proud of each of the 136 projects we have funded so far, as well as of the willingness of the municipalities and cities to submit detailed documentation, "said the Minister, adding that municipality and city buildings had been renovated and their operation modernized from the Fund, e-Parliament introduced, kindergartens, squares and markets fixed up, and cultural life throughout Serbia improved.    

Cities and municipalities can apply for four types of projects, those that improve the quality of life, contribute to local economic development and the employment and reconstruction of municipal infrastructure, school, preschool, cultural and sports facilities, as well as local institutions, parks, markets, squares and lighting, for which 364 million dinars are earmarked.

Another type of projects are those that contribute to the faster introduction of e-Government and modern information technologies to improve and modernize the work of local self-governments and to better provide services to citizens, as well as the technical conditions for electronic connection with state and other bodies and organizations, for which 52 million dinars is planned.

Projects are also being planned to organize cultural sports, tourism and other events of particular importance to the citizens, as well as adequate access to facilities of public services for persons with disabilities with a fund of 46 million and 800 thousand dinars.

Finally, projects of preventive action to reduce the risk of climate change, as well as natural and other disasters are foreseen, all with the aim of protecting the property of local self-governments and citizens, and 46,800,000 dinars are planned for that purpose.

The annual best municipal/city government award is presented in four areas: efficiency and effectiveness, transparency and public participation in local self-government’s work, accountability and the rule of law, and equality and anti-discrimination.

The total funds that will be allocated to the municipalities or cities that are the best examples of the application of the principle of good governance amount to 10,400,000 dinars. 

Municipalities and cities are nominating best practices for the application of good governance principles of their choice for the selected area.

The public call was published in the Official Gazette No. 7/20 of January 29, 2020, while all necessary information for participating in the public calls, the public calls and the necessary application forms can be downloaded from the Ministry's website  ( ).

Source: Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-Government and Coordination Body