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30. January 2012.

Representatives of the Romany, Albanian and Bulgarian ethnic minorities from South Serbia presented in Prokuplje the „Together Towards Inter-culturing“ project, which is aimed at making the cooperation among ethnic minorities closer and the connections among them stronger. The project, which the EU financially supported with 40,000 EUR, is aimed at developing trust among national minorities, regardless of the cultural, social and religious diversity.

This was the first time that young Albanians, Roma and Bulgarians talked about the inter-culturing of their communities and about the joint exercising of rights and interests. 

"These young people don’t often have a chance to socialize and cooperate, so that our task is to help them make the local communities  in which they live sensitive to their needs and desires“, said Vitomir Mihajlovic,  the President of the Roma  National Council, at a forum for discussion.

Ragmi Mustafa, a representative of the Albanian national minority, said that safety and economic situation of the Albanians from the municipalities of Presevo and Bujanovac was far better then than in 2001 and 2002.

"The Albanians from South Serbia live like everybody else in Serbia. However, what bothers them is that their being a minority is accentuated and that their culture, which is considerably different from the culture of the majority of the population, doesn’t fit in“, Mr. Mustafa pointed out.