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24. July 2012.

Twenty-nine representatives of young people from secondary schools, the media and Youth Offices from Vranje, Bujanovac and Presevo participated in a four-day seminar on Vlasina Lake, which was held from July 5 to 8 as part of the project "THE MINORITIES’ RIGHTS – THE  MAJORITY’S OBLIGATION”. The seminar was implemented by “Generator” and Vranjske Newspaper”.

The young from the three municipalities in South Serbia were taught at the seminar about minority rights, about how to write a newspaper article, a text or a report, as well as about how to organize a local activity for promotion of tolerance towards different minority groups, which include Albanians, Roma, women, displaced persons, LGBT persons and disabled people.

Young people from the three municipalities showed a great creativity at the seminar, as well as a desire to present the project in which they participated to all visitors of Vlasina Lake.

Their first activity on the lake was to present to Mrs. Slavica Djukic – Dejanovic, who was staying at the local hotel at the time and who is the previous President of the Parliament, a gift T-shirt and badges, which were part of the promotional material of the project. They also explained to her what they were doing and what they would be doing over the next six months.

The project is implemented with the financial support of the Norwegian Embassy in Serbia.