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15. January 2019.

The Development Agency of Serbia is launching the program of internationalization of small and medium-sized enterprises in 2018, with the aim of providing the conditions for the realization of export businesses. In addition to conquering new markets and increasing the presence in the existing ones, the goal of this activity is to brand Serbia as a favorable investment and business destination, to establish lucrative connections with foreign countries and to integrate domestic companies into international business flows. In addition to small and medium-sized companies, this program also includes large companies. The program will be implemented in the period from December 2018 to February 2020.

A budget of 75,000,000.00 dinars, without VAT, was set for the implementation of the program.

The program will finance the following groups of activities:

•  The organization of national stands at international fairs;

• The organization of business meetings abroad;

•  The collection of information and reporting on the conditions for doing business at foreign markets.

By this program, the Development Agency of Serbia co-finances the appearance of domestic businessmen at international fairs within the National Stand of Serbia. The program envisages that RAS bears the costs of renting space at fairs, constructing and designing the stand, as well as other accompanying costs related to the construction of the stand. RAS will also finance the preparation of a fair brochure for each fair, as well as promotional activities related to the promotion of appearances at international trade fairs. The exhibitor is obliged to bear the costs of participating in the National Stand, which will be in the form of participation fee. 

The Development Agency of Serbia issues a public call for the participation in each program or for exhibiting at each fair individually.

More information on the program, the way it is implemented and the criteria can be found in the Instructions for the Implementation of the Internationalization Program of SMEs, which are available on

Source: Development Agency of Serbia and Coordination Body