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27. April 2018.

Belgrade – Replying to the question posed by Fatmir Hasani, an MP from the Party for Democratic Action (PDA), Prime Minister Ana Brnabic said yesterday at the Parliament that the Government of the Republic of Serbia had been open for cooperation on the issue of textbooks in the Albanian language, but that no progress had been made due to problems with the operation of the Albanian National Council.  

MP Hasani asked Prime Minister Brnabic about improvements in the position of the Albanian minority in Bujanovac, Presevo and Medvedja, and the Prime Minister replied that the Serbian government was working on the integration of the Albanian population.

"Whenever you requested a meeting with me, I've always found the time to meet with you and talk with you about Presevo, Bujanovac and Medvedja. There are things that local self-governments need to do for themselves, "Prime Minister Brnabic said.

"We started working seriously on the integration of the Albanian population," Prime Minister Brnabic said, adding that the problem, in that regard, was that the Albanian population, in particular the one in Presevo, did not speak Serbian.

"That is why the Coordination Body launched a comprehensive campaign of learning Serbian in  the area of the municipality of Presevo. In addition, we opened the Subotica Faculty of Economics’ Department in Bujanovac," Prime Minister Brnabic said.

Members of the Government of the Republic of Serbia replied, yesterday, to the questions posed by the MPs in the Parliament.

Source: “Tanjug” news agency, Serbian Broadcasting Corporation and Coordination Body