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PRESS RELEASE - June 20, 2013

20. June 2013.

You’re invited at 11 am on Friday, June 21, to cover the event of marking the beginning of the second phase of construction works on the out-patient ward in Presevo. The event will take place at the office of the mayor of Presevo, Ragmi Mustafa. 

This will be followed by the talks with representatives of the Albanian political parties to address the requirements of economic and political issues, which will be held at 2 pm on the premises of the OSCE Mission in Bujanovac. The requirements were first grouped into 7 points and then submitted to the Government of the Republic of Serbia, which adopted them at its session held on June 4. The meeting to be held on the OSCE premises will be closed to the public.  

Among other things, specific activities related to the approved topics will be discussed at the said meeting.

After each meeting, Zoran Stankovic, President of the Coordination Body for the Municipalities of Presevo, Bujanovac and Medvedja, shall give statements to the media.