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PRESS RELEASE - 25.10.2019.

25. October 2019.

Zoran Stankovic, the President of the Coordination Body for the Municipalities of Presevo, Bujanovac and Medvedja, condemned any inflammatory rhetoric that could affect the stability of that area and in no way contributed to the progress and well-being of the population of those municipalities.

“Bujanovac is a city in the Republic of Serbia inhabited by the Serbs, Albanians, Roma and others. We urge all political stakeholders and those who would like to become engaged in politics to act responsibly and in accordance with the laws and the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia, "Mr. Stankovic said, and emphasized that no one had the right to qualify people as politically suitable and unsuitable regardless of their political orientation.

The President of the Coordination Body pointed out that statements that were contrary to the laws of the country had not, until then, caused tensions and destabilization of the area, nor would they in the future, since such attempts had been made before. Mr. Stankovic said tht he believed the people living in that area because he was convinced that such statements would not affect their position on maintaining good interethnic but interpersonal relations and that they would, as they had done until then, respect the laws of the Republic of Serbia in their daily work and life. 

„The Republic of Serbia, the competent state bodies and the Coordination Body guarantee freedom of movement and all human rights that belong to them by the law to both the Serbs and the Albanians, as well as to all those who live in these municipalities.  The Coordination Body will continue to work with other state bodies of the Republic of Serbia on the improvement of the living and working conditions of the residents of these municipalities, ”Mr. Stankovic said.