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PRESS RELEASE - 24.11.2017

24. November 2017.

Zoran Stankovic, the President of the Coordination Body, will address reporters in front of the "Geyser" Hotel in Sijarinska Spa at 12 am on Sunday, November 26. The reason for addressing the reporters is the arrival for a private visit of Ilir Meta, the Albanian President, to the municipality of Medvedja, who will come in front of the "Geyser" Hotel in Sijarinska Spa at 11.30 am. The addressing of reporters by the Albanian President Meta is not envisaged.

Also, it is not permitted to film the administrative crossing at "Mutivode", nor is it allowed to record and film the informal meetings that the Albanian President will have during the day with the Serbian and Albanian members of the Municipal Assembly of Medvedja.  

No activities are envisaged for Monday, since the Albanian President will leave the territory of our country in the early morning hours.