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Press-conference given by Minister Milan Markovic, President of the Coordination Body, and a delegation of businessmen in Medvedja

20. January 2010.

MEDVEDJA – On Thursday, January 21, Minister Milan Markovic, President of the Coordination Body, along with a delegation of businessmen led by Miroslav Bogicevic, the owner and Director of “Farmakom MB” Company, is going to visit the municipality of Medvedja. Members of the delegation include Radivoje Milanovic, State Secretary of the Ministry of Energy and Mining, as well as representatives of the electric battery plant from Sombor, the dairy plant from Sabac, the industrial complex from Guca, the foundry from Pozega, the mining and smelting works from Zajecar, the agricultural and food – processing plant “7 juli”, the agricultural and food-processing plant “Beograd”, the “RDS Group” project engineering company and Radio and Television Bor (RTB). The visit is aimed at reaching an agreement on the date when the “Lece” mine is to begin operating and at the possibilities for making new investments in the municipality of Medvedja.

As of 13:30 hours, a press-conference will be held at the Medvedja municpality building, during which, among other things, plans for the beginning of operation of the „Lece“ mine, which  is owned by the „Farmakom“ Company,  are going to  be announced.

Prior to the press-conference, Milan Markovic, President of the Coordination Body, is going to pay a visit to the departments of the Faculties of Law and Economics in Medvedja. He is going to talk with students, who began studying last year, as well as with deans of these two faculties of the Nis  University, about how their studying is going and about issues with carrying out classes in Serbian and Albanian.

For any further information, please contact Mr. Nebojsa Andric from the Coordination Body’s Office at 011/21 20 906/ 011/21 20 907 or at