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2. September 2010.

First grade students of the elementary school in the village of Reljan, as well as those in Presevo and in the villages of Veliki Trnovac and Zbevac, spent their first school day with Minister Milan Markovic, President of the Coordination Body of the Government of the Republic of Serbia for the Municipalities of Presevo, Bujanovac and Medvedja, who wished them a happy beginning of the school year in both Albanian and Serbian. 

“Dear children,

You start going to school today and that is why this day is extremely important to all of you.  You are going to make a lot of friends and learn a great deal of wonderful things at school. 
I am glad that I am here with you today and that I have the opportunity to wish you and your teachers a lot of luck, health and success.”

„Të dashur fëmijë,

Sot është dita e parë e shkollës. Prandaj, dita e sotme është e rëndësishme për secilin prej jush. Në shkollë do të njoftoni shumë shokë, do të mësoni shumë gjëra të mira. Më vjenë shumë mirë që jamë sot me Ju, që mundem Juve dhe mësuesve të Juaj të ju uroj shumë fatë, shëndetë dhe sukses.“

Continuing its last year’s good practice, the Coordination Body provided to the first grade students of the municipalities of Presevo, Bujanovac and Medvedja free school equipment, the value of which is around 3.7 million dinars. Minister Markovic, along with the Municipal Presidents of Presevo and Bujanovac and President of the Albanian National Council, personally delivered the donation to the students of elementary schools “Deveti maj” (the 9th. of May) and “Vuk Karadzic” in the municipality of Presevo, as well as to the students of elementary schools “Muharem Kadriu” and “Dragomir Trajkovic” in the municipality of Bujanovac.

“The Coordination Body is on the path of resolving all education – related issues in these municipalities. Apart from our donation of school equipment, I am of the view that it’s my duty to address the children in their mother tongue, which is one of the ways for us to improve the damaged confidence among different ethnic communities”, Minister Markovic said.      

Minister Markovic pointed out that the Coordination Body would continue implementing all social welfare programs, in particular those pertaining to the youth. According to him, there are still some unresolved issues in the field of education in South Serbia.

Minister Markovic underscored that the establishment of the Albanian National Council, which is in charge of resolving specific problems in the sphere of education, was of great importance and that the Coordination Body’s priority was to provide textbooks to schoolchildren attending Albanian schools, as well as to provide the conditions for acquiring university education in both Albanian and Serbian, in accordance with the model used in Medvedja.