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5. December 2018.

Presevo – According to the Customs Administration of the Ministry of Finance, the Presevo Customs Office ​​temporarily stopped doing commodity customs clearance jobs.

According to the statement, the reason for the cessation of these operations at the Presevo Terminal ​​from November 25, 2018 is of a technical nature.

“The economy of South Serbia will not suffer any consequences as goods customs clearance jobs can be performed under the same conditions in the custom office in Vranje or in any other one chosen by the business entity, "said the Serbian Customs Administration, noting that goods customs office in Presevo was not permanently abolished.

As it was stated, 13 customs officers worked there, who were assigned to other organizational units of the Customs Office in Nis.

"The temporary suspension of customs terminal Presevo ​​will last until a public call is issued by which the Customs Administration seeks to find a long-term solution for the needs of local entrepreneurs in order to efficiently develop the economy of the region," it was said, among other things, in the statement of the Customs Administration of Serbia.

Source: Radio Free Europe and Coordination Body