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25. March 2016.

Belgrade - Description: As part of its decentralization projects, the Belgrade Philharmonic chamber Ensemble is making a mini tour of three cities from March 29 to 31, which is called the Philharmonic Chamber Ensemble in South Serbia.

Starting from Vranje (March 29), via Leskovac (March 30), to Aleksinac (March 31), the Belgrade Philharmonic Chamber Ensemble will perform Schubert's Octet for the audiences of those three cities. 

The Philharmonic Chamber Ensemble will perform one of its finest chamber music programs in South Serbia, thereby reaching the audiences that are hundreds of kilometers away from Belgrade and that have no opportunity to visit the National Orchestra’s concerts. Octet members are musicians that are prominent soloists in the orchestra, while the representation of different instrumental groups in the ensemble makes it a "philharmonic orchestra in miniature".   

The project is implemented in cooperation with cultural institutions in these cities, which were selected according to the criteria of quality programs and active attitude towards the development of local culture. Therefore, the hosts of the Philharmonic Chamber Ensemble in South Serbia include the "Bora Stankovic" theatre in Vranje, the Leskovac Cultural Center and the Center for Culture and Arts in Aleksinac.  

In addition to providing first-class music program to the audiences, the Philharmonic Chamber Ensemble aims to support the cultural development of local communities by ceding its artistic, organizational and promotional capacities, which is done as part of social responsibility projects of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra.  

Source: “Politika” daily, “Evening News” daily and Coordination Body