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10. July 2020.

Belgrade -  Pensioners will receive their pensions in full this month as well, or both parts of the June pension will be paid to them in one portion, the Ministry of Finance said for the Tanjug news agency.

This practically means that the method of paying pensions, which was introduced during the state of emergency, would be valid this month, too. 

Namely, for those who receive their pensions through current accounts, the payment will start today, July 10, and for those who get their pension at their home addresses or at the post office counters, on Monday, July 13, it was published on the website of the Pension and Disability Insurance Fund

The payment of pensions for self-employed persons for June 2020 began on July 2.

As for the beneficiaries of military pensions, the payment at the home addresses started three days ago, as well as at the post office counters, and through the post-office current accounts two days earlier, on July 4.

Pensions to farmers were paid on July 4 as well.  The payment of June 2020 pensions to the pensioners residing in the former republics of SFRY is also scheduled for July 10.

Source: RTV and Coordination Body