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27. April 2018.

Bujanovac – The Institute for the Protection of Nature of Serbia conducted in Bujanovac a review of the “Pcinj Valley” natural resource, which is managed by the Vranje Eparchy.  

Dragan Nesic, PhD, told the attendees of the event, which was held at the amphitheater of the Subotica Faculty of Economics’ Department in Bujanovac, that the area had been declared a natural resource of a second category 20 years before, but that following a two years’ long work in the field, a new study had been done, so that the region currently had three categorized regimes.

“We decided to expand the "Pcinj Valley", which earlier had 2,606 acres, by 1,622 acres, so that  the current total area of ​that ​protected zone is about 4,200 acres. Therefore, around 80 per cent of that natural resource, now, belongs to the municipality of Bujanovac and 20 per cent to the municipality of Trgoviste. The entire “Pcinj Valley” used to have a second degree of protection, while, now, some parts of it have a higher degree of protection. In addition to the geological specifics of the area, even more valuable is the richness of its biodiversity, "Mr. Nesic said.    

The presentation of the review of the "Pcinj Valley'" was attended, among others, by Bishop Pahomije of Vranje with the clergy, Stojanca Arsic, PhD, the Deputy Mayor of Bujanovac, representatives of the Orthodox Parish of Bujanovac, and the students and staff of the “Branko Radicevic” elementary school and “Saint Sava” secondary school in Bujanovac.  

The presentation was preceded by a performance of the Saint Prohor Pcinjski choir from Bujanovac.    

Source: Bujanovac News and Coordination Body