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25. July 2014.

At 5 pm on Friday, July 25, the “Reload” NGO from Vranje will hold a panel discussion, where  those who make money online and who have experience in the Internet business will speak.  The panel discussion will be held at the Public University’s hall.

Anyhow, "Reload" is implementing a project within which training courses for students will be held, where they’ll learn how to earn on the Internet. They will learn how to design  websites and how to use the websites for finding work on the Internet.  

The training courses will be held in Vranje from July 2014 to March 2015, whereas all the participants in the project will be required to attend classes for a total of 30 hours per month, for a period of 8 months.

The training courses are intended exclusively for persons with disabilities. Speakers at the panel discussion include Nela Dimitrijevic, a member of the City Council, Slobodan Ljubic from the “Reload” NGO, Ivan Recevic, a Google trainer, the Huge Media, Vitomir Ognjanovic, the Director of the South News and Aleksandar Tomic, a graduate philologist. 

Source: OK Radio and Coordination Body