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29. October 2020.

Subotica, Presevo - Slightly over 300 migrants, accompanied by the police and gendarmerie, were transported from Subotica to the Reception Center in Presevo. 160 migrants remained in the collective center in Subotica.

The Commissariat for Refugees and Migration of the Republic of Serbia says that due to the presence of a slightly larger number of migrants in Subotica, and pursuant to last week's agreement reached with the Mayor and the Head of the Subotica Police Department, more than 300 migrants were relocated from Subotica to the Presevo Reception Center in South Serbia.

“At last week's meeting, it was jointly concluded that it was necessary to take some of the pressure off Subotica, especially when it comes to the number of migrants who are staying outside our center. This is just one in a series of actions carried out due to the constant pressure on this part of the country.  In accordance with the agreement, 144 migrants from the Reception Center in Subotica, as well as around 160 of them outside the center, were transported in six buses to the Center in South Serbia. They were provided with face masks and bottled water, and were sent off accompanied by the police and gendarmerie", the Commissariat for Refugees and Migration stated.

The Commissariat also said that 160 more migrants remained in the Reception Center in Subotica, mostly those from Syria, Algeria and Libya, and that they all wanted to go to the Western European countries. However, crossing the state border with Hungary has not been possible for them for several months, since the authorities there decided to suspend the reception of migrants due to the crisis caused by the corona virus.

Source: and Coordination Body