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27. November 2015.

Bujanovac – The section of the highway stretching from Vladicin Han to Donji Neradovac will be opened to traffic on Monday, November 30. The stretch is 25.5 km long, while the total route of the highway built from Vladicin Han to Srpske kuce is 35.5 km long.

Works on putting up horizontal and vertical traffic signs and guard rails on the said stretch of the highway are being carried out quickly. 

Since June 2012, when the construction of this section of the highway began, 35 bridges, 15 overpasses and the interchanges in Vranje and Srpska Kuća have been constructed.  

The investor for this section of the highway is the PE "Corridors of Serbia", while the contractor is the Greek "Terna" company from Athens.

In order for the Serbian part of the highway to connect with the Macedonian one in Tabanovce, it is necessary to build the stretch of the road from Srpske Kuce to Levosoje, the length of which is eight kilometers, as well as significantly longer and more difficult Grabovnica-Grdelica-Caricina Dolina-Vladicin Han section of the highway, the total length of which is 32.2 km. Works on both sections of the highway are underway.  

Under the initial plan of building the highway from Grabovnica to Lesovoje, which is 75 km. long, it was stipulated that it should be completed by July 2014.

 Source: Bujanovac News and Coordination Body