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7. June 2019.

"Write and Run a Project in 10 Easy Steps" is an online educational workshop designed to help you gain practical knowledge in an area that can become your occupation in the future.

Whether you belong to a group of those who want to change something in your environment, or you have an idea of establishing an association or a start-up, or to a group of those who would like to learn how to run projects, whether or not you have invented them yourself, the aforementioned educational workshop will help you acquire practical knowledge that you will be able to use later in your own work.

The educational workshop includes the following topics:

- The documentation required for establishing an association or a start-up;

- Finding calls for funding projects in the Republic of Serbia or abroad;

- Participation in public procurements;

- Preparation of a project proposal, project activities, project budgeting and final report.  

The intensive educational workshop implies:

• Establishing an association or a start-up and writing a project proposal - you will receive information on the necessary documentation for establishing an association or a start-up, on how to initially connect with potential partners and on how to get started. You will learn how a project idea arises, how to write and implement project activities, what the target group is, how it is determined, and what are the risks of implementing projects.

• Project budgeting - practical examples and exercises on project budgeting, on how the funds are justified, on how to be co-financed and on how the budget and costs are planned.

• Reporting - Practical work on following-up the cycle of a project, during which you will learn how the activities are followed-up and justified. In addition, you will have to write a report by yourself.

The goal of this educational workshop is to provide you with assistance at the very beginning, so you do not need to have any prior knowledge.   

To participate in the educational workshop, you need to have an internet connection, a computer or a mobile phone.

The call for applications is open until June 15, 2019, or until all the places are filled.

You may sign up for the workshop by sending an e-mail to  or , after which you will receive the application form and more details on the workshop..

Source: Nomcentar and Coordination Body