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26. March 2021.

Presevo, Bujanovac, Меdvedja – Applying for the enrollment of students in the first grade of primary school has started on the e-Government portal.

Enrollment dates from April 1 are at the disposal of parents of the future first graders.  

The online system for enrolling students in the first grade(  has been improved this year, so that parents can electronically obtain a certificate of a child's medical examination and a certificate of completed preschool education. Last year, the e-Enrollment service was introduced, which, to a large extent, makes it possible and easier for parents to enroll first graders in primary school.

In addition to saving parents’ time and money, parents, thanks to digitalization, no longer have to go from counter to counter for a birth certificate, residence certificate or other documents, because now all this is done electronically and in the line of duty.

This year, the process has been improved, because both the certificate of medical examination and the certificate of completed preschool education are obtained electronically, and this greatly facilitates enrollment for parents and children.

To register a child for enrollment in the first grade, parents access the e-Government portal, and if they are not registered users, they need to open their account.  

Then, they are supposed to select the box "education", where the option "schedule an appointment" is located, and choose one of the offered terms, and then fill in the required boxes by entering personal data about the parent and child.

Source: Vranje News and Coordination Body