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26. January 2021.

The eighth Youth2Business event entitled "Career Development in the Age of Pandemic" will be held on February 2, 2021 in an online format, starting at 8 p.m.

The Youth2Business event aims to bring together young people and representatives of the business sector and thus give them the opportunity to connect, learn about new trends, but also to hear more about the experiences of successful people and various business ventures in Serbia.

Speakers at this year's Youth2Business event will talk to interested participants about how the pandemic has affected young people and their careers, but also how it has affected the employment of young people in companies, the development of entrepreneurship, but also the startup and freelance community. By talking with the participants, the speakers will share their experiences, help them solve their dilemmas and show them how to manage their careers more efficiently in this precarious time. The goal of the event is to encourage young people to continue working on developing their career management skills, regardless of whether they see the beginning of their career in a company, startup or freelance community.

The event will take place on the ZOOM platform, while the participants will be divided into four groups. Each speaker will have 20 minutes per group. This event is intended for students of all years of study who want, in an interactive atmosphere, to hear more about the importance of career management and put questions about career development to experts from different fields!

In that way, young people will get the opportunity to talk to speakers who come from different industries and branches, who with their experience and position can contribute the most to their professional development, to exchange experiences, but also to get more information about successful businesses. On the other hand, representatives of companies and organizations will have the opportunity to meet young people with whom they will potentially cooperate in the future.

You can sign up for participating in the event by filling in the questionnaire, which is available on  You can  sign up for the event until Monday, February 1, by 12 o’clock noon, while  all registered candidates will, on the same day,  be notified of the outcome of their signing up.

Take the opportunity to gain new skills and knowledge for improving your career path, but also for meeting very successful people from whom you can learn a lot!

Source: and Coordination Body