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26. August 2015.

Nis/Presevo/Bujanovac – These days “Nis Express” started providing assistance to the migrants who in large numbers cross from Macedonia to Serbia on a daily basis.

The Nis carrier equipped the premises of the bus station in Bujanovac with showers, a large number of toilets and two waiting rooms, where migrants can temporarily stay.   

Also, migrants can use free wireless Internet and electrical outlets for charging mobile phones at the bus station.  

The Deputy Director of "Nis Express" Milomir Radovanovic stressed that the carrier intended in this way to provide the conditions for a decent stay of migrants in Bujanovac.

“Many of them come in during the night and have to wait for the departure of their bus for a few hours.  They can now find shelter from rain and wind at the station, as well as freshen up, "said Mr. Radovanovic.

He underscored that "Nis Express" had nine departures from Bujanovac to Belgrade and Subotica, and if required, when the number of migrants increased dramatically, additional departures were introduced.

The same prices of transport are applied to both migrants and other passengers. A bus- fare to Belgrade is 2,000 dinars, while the one to Subotica is 2,900 dinars”, Mr. Radovanovic said.

Source: Jugmedia and Coordination Body