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29. October 2013.

Тhe public enterprise "Komunalac" will have another well in Bujanovac that will serve for supplying the citizens with drinking water   

Representatives of the "EU Progress" program, which will, along with the municipality of Bujanovac, finance the project, visited the water-supply station, which is located at the exit of Bujanovac, towards the village of Lučane.

The 14th well will be opened on that site for the purpose of providing a better water-supply to the citizens of Bujanovac. The well will have a capacity of 10 to 12 liters of drinking water per second.

"We sent a request for increasing the capacity of water-supply in Bujanovac to the" EU Progress "program. Based on the opinion of experts, by opening the well, the capacity of water-supply will increase to 10 liters per second, "said Mayor Arifi.

Jasmina Ilic, the head of infrastructure projects in the EU Progress Program, said that the project would be implemented in cooperation with the municipality of Bujanovac, while the funds were provided by the European Union and the Government of Switzerland.  

"The value of the project is 4 million and 200 thousand dinars, while the capacity of the well will be 12 liters per second. I'm sure that this won’t completely solve the problem of drinking water in Bujanovac, but it marks the beginning of solving the problem. We expect that the works would be completed as soon as possible and that the well would begin to operate in early December, "said Mrs. Ilic.

1 million dinars will be allocated from the Bujanovac municipality’s budget for the purpose of drilling and electrification works for the well. 

Based on the agreement that the local authorities and the EU Progress program concluded with "VODOTEHNIKA" from Belgrade, the works for the opening of the new wells will begin next week.

Source: Titulli and the Coordination Body