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25. February 2021.

Belgrade, Presevo - The new price list for the use of highways in Serbia will be applied from Thursday, February 25.

Truck drivers will feel the increase in toll prices the most. They usually pay the most for the use of highways, so it is expected that the correction of 1.8 percent will have the greatest impact on this category of vehicles.

 Car drivers will pay 10 to 30 dinars more depending on the section of the highway used, while truckers will have to pay 50 to 160 dinars more than before the price increase.

A ride from Belgrade to Presevo will for trucks cost 8,910 dinars instead of 8,750, and that is the most significant change.

In the category of cars too, the biggest difference in price refers to the section of the highway between Belgrade and Presevo, where the fee will be 1,490 dinars instead of 1,460.

 The bringing into line of toll prices is 1.8 percent on average and is in line with the growth of retail prices and inflation, the Government of Serbia stated.

Source: Online News, Evening News, Serbia Today, Hallo and Coordination Body