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24. July 2015.

Presevo, Bujanovac, Medvedja – The Academic Initiative "Forum 10", with the support of the Fund for an Open Society in Serbia, announces a call for participation of twenty young male and female members of the Albanian and Bosniak national minorities in the project "New Generations of Young People Take up New Challenges - the Minority Leaders in Sandzak and South Serbia."

The project is aimed at strengthening the capacity of young people in Sandzak and South Serbia for taking an active role in the social processes that are of importance for promoting human rights, especially minority human rights,  through the development of mechanisms for their active participation in the processes of critical thinking, encouraging dialogue and proposing practical policies and solutions for the issues that interfere with the exercising of the rights of the Albanian and Bosniak national minorities in Serbia. 

The project will enable the education of young people, who were identified as potential future leaders in their communities, in the field of human and minority rights and European integration, as well as their preparation for future research, publishing work and public activities.

The project includes three three-day modules/seminars, which will be held in Novi Pazar, Bujanovac and Vranjska Spa in September and October. Also planned is the holding of a regional conference "New Generations of Young People Take up the New Challenges."

Source: “Danas” daily and Coordination Body