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23. March 2020.

Belgrade – The Government of the Republic of Serbia, at its session held on Saturday,  March 21, reached some new decisions regarding the prevention of the spread of the COVID-19 virus, which are as follows:

- Urban transportation in the territory of the Republic of Serbia is suspended and this decision shall enter into force as of 8 pm on Saturday. The decision does not apply to taxi vehicles, passenger vehicles (people’s own transportation) and the transportation arranged for employees.

- For all the citizens who have to work or cannot work from their homes during the state of emergency, transportation will be arranged and they will be subsequently notified of it.  

- The ban on moving around from 8pm to 5am every day was amended on Sunday, so that the citizens over the age of 65 can leave their homes from 3 am to 8am to purchase groceries in supermarkets.   The list of shops and pharmacies that will operate on Sundays during the above-mentioned period is available on the website , as well as on the website of the Government of the Republic of Serbia.

- For all persons under the age of 65, the period of the prohibition of moving around changes on Saturday, when moving around will be prohibited from 8 pm to 3 am.

- The operation of all facilities and outlets within shopping malls, except for supermarkets, grocery stores and pharmacies, is forbidden.

- As of 8 pm on Saturday, it is forbidden to stay in any parks and public areas intended for recreation and sports.

- The ban on public gathering indoors has been tightened, so that no more than 5 people can stay indoors.

- Catering establishments are prohibited from carrying out their activities inside their premises or in their gardens, but citizens can buy “take away” food and drinks from them. This means that if the caterer wishes to carry out his/her business activities during the state of emergency, it is necessary for him/her to establish a delivery service that would deliver “take away” food and drinks  or to set up a counter through which food and drinks would be sold, without customers entering the catering facility.

In doing so, employees of the catering facilities must be equipped with the appropriate hygiene and technical equipment to prevent the spread of the infectious disease.

The essence of the decision is to ban the entry of citizens into catering establishments and catering establishment gardens, with the aim of protecting them from the COVID-19 virus. This decision applies not only to restaurants and cafes, but also to other entrepreneurs (betting facilities, car wash facilities, casinos, etc.) that allow users of their services to consume food and drinks, which they either buy or receive free of charge, at a table or bar.   

All measures adopted in the previous period are aimed solely at preserving the lives and health of the citizens, but the Government of the Republic of Serbia cannot win this fight on its own, so that it needs the co-operation of all the citizens and their greatest possible discipline, it was said in a statement issued after the session held on Saturday, March 21.

Source: “Tanjug” news agency and Coordination Body