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25. August 2016.

Bujanovac - Nenad Mitrovic from Bujanovac recently took the oath at the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia for the third time. Political stability in the southern part of central Serbia and economic development, in addition to new jobs, will be the priorities that he will  dedicate himself to during his current mandate.

“Bujanovac is a municipality that is one of the least developed in Serbia. However, it is specific in many respects compared to other municipalities, primarily because of the political relations between Serbs and Albanians," Mr. Mitrovic said.

According to him, the largest problems of the residents of Bujanovac include the lack of jobs, unresolved infrastructural issues concerning  roads, water supply and sewerage in some local communities, insufficient connection by bus transportation of remote villages to the city and the lack of cultural and social developments.

Mr. Mitrovic said that it was very important to maintain the existing jobs and deemed that it was necessary for the local self- government be a partner to the Government of the Republic of Serbia if it wished to achieve better results in any fields, which, as he pointed out, he failed to convince the previous composition of the local self-government of. 

As for the efforts in the previous mandate, which he made from the position of an MP at the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia, he says that he worked as much as he could.

 “I feel I could have done more. The hardest thing for me was that I came accross a lack of understanding on the part of the local self-government. I focused mostly on the business entities that conducted busines operations and hired workers, which had a great deal of problems with their business operations.  My efforts were also directed towards maintaining the level of work and number of employees, regardless of their nationality, "Mr. Mitrovic said.

Mr. Mitrovic said that he had cooperated very well with the governmental bodies until then.  

“As far as the Coordination Body is concerned, I can say that we cooperated exceptionally well both  from human and professional viewpoints. We addressed numerous issues that were ahead of us and  jointly solved them”, the MP said.

Source: Coordination Body