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5. March 2021.

"Youth Achievements in Serbia" is organizing a national competition in the "Titan" simulation this year as well.

"Titan" is an interactive computer simulation in which important economic and management decisions are made. Through a simulated competitive situation on the market, teams of secondary school students are placed in the role of the companies that make specific business decisions: they set the prices of their products, the level of production, marketing, research and development budgets, and determine how much they will invest in capacity expansion. All decisions are entered into an online computer program which, starting from the built-in parameters, develops reports on the market situation and the position of each of the rival teams-companies.

The goal of the simulation is to make the largest possible profits, sales and market share within the strategic computer game, as well as to familiarize students with the principle of functioning of a company.

A detailed description of the simulation and all its parameters is available on

The application deadline is Friday, March 12, 2021.

The teams consist of two students, while one can sign up a maximum of 10 teams from one school. One student must not compete in two or more teams.

The first round of the competition will start on Tuesday, March 16, while teachers and students from the signed up teams will receive all the details of the competition by e-mail after the expiry of the application deadline. Get ready for a dynamic March and April!

You can sign up for the competition on

For all those who want to practice the simulation, a public version of the simulation is available on

Source: Youth Achievements in Serbia and Coordination Body