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19. August 2019.

One of the recommendations of NALED's “Gray Book 11”, which contains 100 recommendations from businesses, local self-governments and civil society organizations for simplifying administrative procedures, is to abolish registration stickers for cars, motorcycles and tractors. 

The reason is that stickers do not have great usable value, while citizens and businesses have significant costs. every year.  

The sticker affixed to the car in the lower right corner of the windscreen is one of the mandatory elements of registration and a confirmation that the vehicle can participate in traffic.  It shows the registration number of the car, the expiry date of the registration and the marking of the registration area or the data that already exists on the license plates, the traffic permit and in the Ministry of Interior’s records.

Aleksandar Blagojevic, NALED's Vice President of the e-Government Council, says that two taxes totaling 440 dinars are paid for the issuance of a car sticker.

“Considering that at least 1.8 million motor vehicles are registered in Serbia every year, it is estimated that the citizens and businesses annually allocate almost 800 million dinars for something that is of little use value except that the traffic inspector visually checks that the car is registered or as a reminder to the owner of the expiration date of the registration, "Mr. Blagojevic says.

“Amendments to the Road Traffic Safety Act and the Regulations on Registration would reduce unnecessary administrative costs and thus the cost of registration and the time taken to complete the procedure, which would all result in significant savings "

Instead of stickers, Mr. Blagojevic said, a good solution for informing drivers about the approaching of the registration renewal deadline would be to have the e-Government system inform them a month in advance via e-mail or SMS on its portal.

"This would be of practical benefit to the state bodies as well, since they would have up-to-date citizens' contacts - email addresses and mobile phone numbers - while the task of motor vehicle owners, provided they wish to be notified, would be to place their contact information on the portal," Mr. Blagojevic said.

Source: Business Morning and Coordination Body