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20. November 2020.

Меdvedja - The conference on mineral resources, which is international in character, has been held for 10 years in a row. This year, due to the impact of the current pandemic, the conference was held online.

The municipality of Medvedja took part in the conference on the second day.  The topic  of the conference was  "Mining and Local Communities - The Impact of the Pandemic on Regional Development".  

This year's conference provided valuable insight into information on mining and geological projects in Serbia and other countries, which presented examples of best practice in the field of sustainable mining, on the challenges faced by women managers in the mining industry,  on innovations in mining equipment and technologies, as well as on financing possibilities in geology and mining, then on the impact of mining on the local self-government, on the importance of project financing in the mining sector etc.  

On the second day of the prestigious international conference, the President of the Municipality of Medvedja, Nebojsa Arsic, presented an overview of the situation related to the corona virus, as well as of the joint cooperation with companies that conduct research and mining in the Municipality of Medvedja.

Apart from the exploitation in the Lece mine, the exploration field is also covered by the "Metalfer" company, while "Dunav minerals" is involved in exploration in the area of the village of Tulare, as well as the "Jantar" group, which has been doing it for a year or two. Good coordination and mutual cooperation during the pandemic significantly facilitated the business operations of all entities in the territory of the municipality of Medvedja.

Source: South Serbia Info Center and Coordination Body