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17. February 2016.

Bujanovac - Bujanovac is a multiethnic town that is proud of its rich cultural tradition, while the community center in Bujanovac is a place where the cultural mission of connecting different ethnic groups living in the municipality is conducted.

When we talk about the tradition and culture in Bujanovac, we primarily think of the diversity of folk dances and costumes in that part of Serbia. Folk heritage of the Bujanovac area is kept by a large number of folk ensembles. Two Albanian folk ensembles, which are called “Glas doline” and “Jehona” two Serbian folk ensembles, “Kolo” and “Soko”, and the Roma folk ensemble “Zulficar Bajramovic” have their seats at the "Vuk Karadzic" community center. All of them perform their programs that are an essential part of the multi-ethnic cultural offer of Bujanovac. 

The biggest cultural event in Bujanovac is the "Cultural Summer", which is held every July.  During the thirty or so days of the festival, concerts, exhibitions, folk dancing events and theatre plays are organized on the stage in front of the community center.

In addition to Serbs and Albanians, members of the Roma community, too, organize their events at the community center, while the “Romani Evening” is one of the most visited events.  

The traditional events organized by the community center include the "Selection of the Most Beautiful Easter Egg", which lasts four days, the "May Events", which lasts ten days, and a two-day "Festival of Reciters".

The “November Week" is a seven-day event that marks the Day the Community Center and is dedicated to Vuk Karadzic and his work.

A multi-ethnic festival of traditions and customs of the area, which is called "Diligent Hands", is held then, too.  It is a festival of handicrafts and artifacts of people of the region, which is accompanied by the concerts given by Serbian and Albanian performers. 

Also, all Bujanovac elementary and secondary schools, as well as the music school and other civil society organizations, hold their performances at the community center.

“The community center has purchased the equipment for showing films, which is currently being installed, so that Bujanovac should get its cinema in the next two months”, says Arsim Aslani, the Director of the community center.  

All the programs are financed by the funds allocated from the municipality’s budget.

Mr. Aslani believes that too much money is earmarked from the budget for folk ensembles, and that much more could be done in the field of culture if there were a few more investments in it.

“There are seven or eight folk ensembles in Bujanovac, while there is no theatre, which is the real need of the town”, Mr. Aslani says.

Due to the general austerity measures, the community center in Bujanovac will have to “tighten the belt”, because its budget for this year has been reduced by 500,000 dinars.

However, this won’t affect the cultural offer of the institution, because the funds earmarked for the events shall remain the same, while less money will be set aside for technical and ongoing maintenance of the buildings.

Also, the American Corner, which organizes English language courses and various presentations,  operates  on the premises of the community center.

“The residents of Bujanovac are very interested in English language courses, while all the ethnic differences between them vanish during the classes" said Mr.Aslani.

Source: OK Radio and Coordination Body