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18. January 2021.

Belgrade  - Zoran Stankovic, the President of the Coordination Body for the Municipalities of Presevo, Bujanovac and Medvedja, said for the FoNet news agency that those three municipalities would, through the Coordination Body, receive around two million euros from the budget of the Republic of Serbia that year too.  

He pointed out that a session of the Presidency of the Coordination Body would be held in February, when those funds would be distributed in the usual percentage. He also said that, apart from that money, there were several million dinars that could be allocated in situations such as floods and damage caused to roads and bridges, which had just happened.

When asked whether the local authorities had an obligation to invest the money they received from the Coordinating Body equally in all communities living in those municipalities, Mr. Stankovic said that the Municipal Assemblies decided on how much of that money would be spent in a certain environment, or in the areas where people of different nationalities lived. 

“We will insist and take special care that the money be distributed on the basis of the rules adopted in the previous period and we shall not allow any majorization to occur. The communities will be represented in accordance with the national make-up, but also with the needs that are expressed in specific areas in those municipalities, "Mr. Stankovic said.

This year, the agreed principle of investing in the Albanian and Serbian communities, which amounted to 60 to 40 percent, was violated in Bujanovac for the first time.  

In this year's budget, the local government, which consists only of the Albanian parties, with the support of one Roma councilor, decided that 83 million dinars would be invested in projects in the Albanian areas, and only six and a half million dinars in the Serbian areas in Bujanovac.

Source: “Danas” daily, Jugmedia and Coordination Body