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23. November 2015.

For the seventh year in a row, 100 promising entrepreneurial ideas will have the opportunity to be realized within the national competition MOVE FOR WORK, thanks to the support of the “Philip Morris” company.

MOVE FOR WORK helps people with good and viable business ideas to start or improve their own small businesses, with the aim of reducing unemployment and encouraging people to start “sailing” in the entrepreneurial waters. Entrepreneurship is a major engine of economic progress in Europe and the world, and it was recognized as a vital link in the recovery of the Serbian economy.

“Thousands of people that take part in this competition every year are the best indicator that Serbia has a lot of entrepreneurial spirit, but people need support and encouragement. One needs to have a lot of courage and faith in one’s own idea, and this program helps one to acquire the necessary equipment and receive adequate training and advisory assistance in order to better prepare for the cut-throat market competition.”

“The fact that over the past six years, 490 small and family businesses were started through the MOVE FOR WORK program, that over 1,500 people were employed, and that all those companies are still operating successfully, is the best encouragement to all those who are in two minds whether to take part in the competition MOVE FOR WORK ", said Jelena Preradovic Stevanovic from the Philip Morris company. She also said:

“I'd like to invite all interested parties to familiarize themselves with the experiences of our entrepreneurs from the previous cycle of the program on, as well as on social networks by using #Stisni petlju i #PokreniPosao.  I'm sure they will find useful advice and get answers to many questions that are common to all the entrepreneurs who are just starting to develop their business ideas."

The MOVE FOR WORK project is implemented by the ENECA non-governmental organization, while the importance and the good results of the competition over the past six years provided support to a large number of partners too. Thus, this year too, the National Employment Office, as one of the key partners, will, through its network of branches and offices, inform the unemployed and help them with applications for the MOVE FOR WORK program. 

The seventh annual competition         MOVE FOR WORK will run until February 29, 2016. More information on the competition, on how to apply, as well as the registration form for the competition, can be found on the, while interesting information about the competition and the existing entrepreneurs can be reached on

Source: Resource Center and Coordination Body