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10. July 2020.

Bujanovac - In Bujanovac, where most patients infected with the corona virus have pneumonia, a teenager (17) from the village of Oslare tested positive for the corona virus on Thursday.

“He was transferred to one of the COVID hospitals in Vranje, “Dr.Lela Jovanovic, the Head of the Health Center in Bujanovac, said for the Bujanovac News.  „

She emphasized that the results of swabs were awaited for another 17 people from the municipality of Bujanovac with symptoms of the corona virus.

“The situation is alarming. The number of patients in the COVID surgery, which was about 80, is quickly increasing. Most of them have problems with their lungs", Dr Jovanovic said.

By Thursday, 32 cases of the corona virus infection were officially recorded in Bujanovac.

However, Dr. Jovanović said for the Bujanovac News that "the actual number is far higher".

Source: Vranjenews and Coordination Body