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26. July 2011.

Leskovac – 21 projects from the field of public works are being implemented in the Jablanica district through the National Employment Office (NEO), while 273 people were hired for them. The aggregate value of the said public works is 37.9 million dinars.  Ten public works are from the field of protection and improvement of the environment, five of them have to do with the infrastructure, whereas six of them are from the sphere of socio-humanitarian and cultural activities.  

1,700 candidates that are registered in the Leskovac NEO records applied for the aforementioned public works. Priority in hiring the candidates was given to persons older than 50, single parents, recipients of financial aid and to persons belonging to the vulnerable category of unemployed persons.  

Eight projects, the value of which is 22 million dinars, are underway in the municipality of Leskovac, whereas 145 persons were hired for them. Three  projects were approved in Vlasotince, Lebane, Medvedja and Bojnik each, one in Crna Trava, which is the smallest municipality in South Serbia, while the value of those projects is up to five million dinars.  

Jovan Stosic, who had conceived the employment project at the Leskovac NEO, pointed out that most work in Leskovac was being done in connection with 550 meters of the running track on Hisar hill, which is a well-known hill in the vicinity of Leskovac. Also,  a water network is  constructed in the local community of „Sumane“ in the municipality of Lebane, a fence is being put up round the „Vuk Karadzic“ elementary school, and a water way in the local community of Veliko Vojlovce is being tidied up. The aggregate value of the works is seven million dinars.