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25. November 2015.

Presevo - Aleksandar Vulin, Minister for Social Affairs, said that the renovated hall of the former Tobacco Industry in Presevo would be expanded, so that around 600 more migrants could be accommodated there for as long as a few days. Beds, shower cubicles and toilets, as well as the facility for distributing cooked meals, will be provided for the migrants.

Following his visit to the Reception Center for Migrants in Presevo, Minister Vulin said that a decrease in the number of migrants over the previous few days had been caused by a storm at the sea between Turkey and Greece, due to which shipping lines had been severed.  

„A smaller number of migrants was caused by a three-day storm on the Mediterranean Sea. We are using this pause to put the center into opertion as soon as possible and I expect that the first part of the project will be completed by the end of the next week, by which our accommopdation capacities will be considerably increased“, Minister Vulin said.  

According to him, there are currently no more than 1,000 migrants in the country. He underscored that Serbia was conducting the measures that had been introduced by other countries, such as Slovenia and Croatia, and that there were no migrants from the countries  unaffected by wars in the territory of Serbia.  

Mostly families with children stay at the Reception Center in Presevo longer, usually in tents with heaters, while other migrants, after registering, continue their journey to Sid.

The camp in Miratovacko polje, through which migrants firstly pass when entering Serbia from Macedonia, was completely empty.

Source: Radio and Television of Serbia, N1, „Blic“ daily nd Coordination Body