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3. July 2020.

Belgrade - The Minister of Education, Science and Technological Development, Mladen Sarcevic, stated that it would be fair for the Ministry to get ready for holding online classes in September, because it had a good platform and conditions to re-launch classes at students’ homes.

He said for the "Politika" daily that that was not yet a topic at the sessions of the Crisis Staff, but that he intended to initiate it at the meeting of that body in July and to dedicate himself more actively to that issue.

“I already have elaborated plans for senior elementary school students, secondary school students and university students, there will be no problems whatsoever with them. We could introduce a combined teaching regime for them, in which they would learn part of the material from home, and only occasionally, divided into groups, come to the educational institutions, "Minister Sarcevic said.

He also said that students from the first to the fourth grade were a larger problem because they could not stay alone at home, which was why more scenarios needed to be made for them.

When it comes to graduation celebrations, Minister Sarcevic said that they were not strictly forbidden, but that it would be wise to suspend them and for the graduates to endure without celebrating for at least two more weeks.

“It is important that students do not gather together for at least another 15 or so days, so that they could celebrate as much as they want at the end of July and in August. If they wish to celebrate either indoors or outdoors now, there must not be more than 200 of them, everyone must wear masks and be at a distance from each other. I don't believe that anyone would like to celebrate their graduation in that way ", Minister Sarcevic said.

Source: “Tanjug” news agency, RTV, Jugmedia and Coordination Body