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28. February 2017.

Belgrade – We will soon have new reforms in education. A package of laws on reform of the education will be published in a month’s time. The package includes laws on the foundations of education and upbringing at preschool, primary and higher educational institutions, inspection and the National Qualifications Framework, "said Mladen Sarcevic, the Minister of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia.

According to him, statistics show that one of the basic problems of Serbia is youth unemployment, since almost half of the young are unemployed, 20 percent of them wait for the job for a year, whereas as many as 20 percent of them do not even look for the job.

“To solve the problem of youth unemployment, it is necessary to look at the needs of the market and the country. Parents and children need to be educated and focus on what the market demands, while school principals are the key to the reform, because they will teach the children that work and being independent is something good. "

The Minister said that 2017 would be difficult for the development of education, but not for the preparation of what would be done in the field of education in 2018, in which, as he said, "the Ministry of Education will be able to seek more funds from the budget." Minister Sarcevic pointed out that it was of utmost importance to allow young people to have both jobs and incomes at the age of 15, but also leave them the option of being trained and further educated, up to the level of doctorate.

Description: "It is necessary to educate both children and parents to understand that the purpose of learning is not having a diploma, but having a job" the Minister said. He added that they were simultaneously working on six laws and that the idea was for everything to be completed by June, so that we could have an entirely new milieu in education as of September of the next school year. 

Source: RTV Rhythm and Coordination Body