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30. June 2015.

Presevo - Defense Minister Bratislav Gasic said yesterday that the Serbian citizens had no cause for concern because of the increased number of migrants, since the country's security boidies took   maximum care of everything.

Minister Gasic told reporters in Presevo that all security bodies of Serbia absolutely guaranteed security, first of all, to all the citizens of Serbia, and of course, to the people who came to the country.”

“There is no reason for any concern, because we take maximum care of everything”, said Minister Gasic, reminding that by the decision of the Government, a special team headed by the commander of the Gendarmerie Goran Dragovic was in charge of those issues.  

Minister Gasic, along with the Minister for Labor, Employment, Social and Veterans' Affairs Aleksandar Vulin spoke with the migrants, and visited a facility that was being adapted for a temporary reception and accommodation of those people.

The migrants gather together in Presevo mainly around the police station and the railway station, while thanks to the new facility, they will be able to rest and receive the necessary medical assistance there on their way to the European Union’s countries.  

Minister Vulin said to the journalists that a temporary collective center would be established, so that the people, especially women and children, could receive medical assistance and appropriate documents there.

Minioster Vulin, who heads the governmental working group for resolving the problem of migrants, announced that the Ministry of Interior would set up its information system there, expressing his expectation that  "the migrants would be accommodated at the facility no later than the day after tomorrow".   .

The local Red Cross office, the Commissariat for Refugees and Migration and military doctors take care of the migrants in the Presevo.  

Under a decision of the Government of Serbia, Mr. Dragovic manages the joint tactical headquarters of the security forces in the area of ​​the security zone, which is composed of members of the police, the Army and the Serbian Security and Information Agency.

The first migrants that sought asylum at the Presevo border crossing were registered back in 2009, but those were only individual cases.

Source: “Tanjug” news agency and Coordination Body