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Members of the Army of Serbia Played a Football Match in Veliki Trnovac

22. March 2011.

Veliki Trnovac – Besfor Jonuzi from Veliki Trnovac, which is situated near Bujanovac, is an ardent fan of the “Trnovac” football club and he was impatiently awaiting a football match between his club and “Nebeski andjeli” (the Heaven’s Angels), which is a football club that includes only members of the Army of Serbia. Over the past weekend, “Nebeski andjeli” were the guests of the largest Albanian village in South Serbia.  The first match between these two clubs was played in Serbia’s largest “Jug” (South) Army base, which is located near Bujanovac. The said match was played last autumn, when “Nebeski andjeli” lost the game, as the final score was 2: 1, while the score of the return game played in Veliki Trnovac was 1:1.   
The atmosphere in Veliki Trnovac was good.

“We enjoy playing and watching football games. That is what we love to do”, Jonuzi said. 
He also said that apart from being a fan of “Trnovac”, he also supported Belgrade’s “Partizan”, although there were some of his fellow supporters who disagreed with him, since they supported “Crvena zvezda” (the Red Star).

“Trnovac” and “Nebeski andjeli” compete in the Pcinj district’s regional league. Football players from Veliki Trnovac are ranked number one at the moment, while the club consisting of members of the Army of Serbia is ranked number five out of the total of 16 clubs.