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28. May 2014.

Medvedja - The highest average April salary in the Jablanica District was recorded in the municipality of Medvedja, which amounted to the average of 41, 256 dinars, while Vlasotince was at the bottom of the list with 28, 808 dinars. The employees in Bojnik received 33, 769 dinars, those in Crna Trava 31, 605 dinars and those in Lebane 32, 016 dinars. 

In the city of Leskovac, the average April net salary was 33, 387 dinars.

According to the data of the National Statistics Office, the average net April salary in the Jablanica District was 33, 001 dinars, which is almost 13 thousand dinars lesser than the one at the national level.  

The average salary, without taxes and contributions, paid in Serbia last month amounted to 45, 847 dinars. 

It is by 4.9 per cent higher than the one paid in March, said the Republican Institute for Statistics.

Source: Media Center Leskovac and Coordination Body