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27. March 2019.

Medvedja – Yesterday, the municipality of Medvedja got, by means of public auction, the property of "Spektra" company from Cacak, located in the village of Gazdare near Medvedja, which used to be a syringe factory and which covers the area of 1,646 square meters, and includes five buildings, the area of which is 205 square meters, as well as 95 acres of land in private property, the equipment and office furniture.  The municipality of Medvedja paid 5.9 million dinars for the former syringe factory,

Two separate units were to be sold, one located in Cacak, and the other in the village of Gazdare, and as the only interested party for the facility in the village of Gazdare, Medvedja offered an initial amount and therefore bought the former syringe factory with all its property.

The purchase agreement will be signed next week, while the municipality of Medvedja paid the anticipated deposit. 

“We have some interested investors, but we will give priority to those who plan to employ more than 50 to 100 people, "said Nebojsa Arsic, the Mayor of Medvedja.  

Anyhow, the syringe factory was firstly owned by "Zdravlje" company from Leskovac, and then “Spektar” company from Cacak purchased it.    

In March 2017, the Commercial Court in Cacak instigated bankruptcy proceedings against the “Spektar” company for the manufacturing and sale of medical devices, laboratory equipment and plastic packaging, due to its permanent impossibility to meet its commitments.

Source: Jugmedia and Coordination Body