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31. July 2018.

Medvedja – According to the "Jugmedia" portal, the “Medinvest” company for manufacturing  socks from the municipality of Medvedja will soon begin operating. The recruitment will be made in the first half of August, while the plant's management will continue employing workers over the next six months. The manufactured goods will be sold on the European and South American markets.   

"Medinvest" bought the ruined building of the former "Nitex"company of about 3000 m2 in the industrial zone of Medvedja, and its reconstruction is coming to an end. This is the first investment in the field of industrial production in the past half a century, and the first factory in which one will be able to hear the machines work after a period of 20 years.

The business is run by the "Mela Holding Group", while Muharem Salihu is the Chairman of its Managing Board.

“We have imported 110 machines, while the plan is to install another 140, so that the project of   250 production machines could be completed. Those machines are state of the art. They produce a pair of socks in 2 minutes and are intended for 24-hour operation, "Mr. Salihu said.  

The export of goods worth 8 million euros in the coming year has already been contracted, while a call for recruitment has been recently issued, which will last until August 10. The interest in the call is high. The company has hired the "Adecco" consulting agency, which will carry out the selection of workers, and so far over 100 candidates from the territory of Medvedja, Sijarinska Spa, Lebane and Leskovac have applied. 

"We cannot launch the production without at least 50 workers. The workforce will be trained here and not abroad, and will be hired successively. We plan to establish one shift in three months, while we will have all three shifts in five months. All this requires 500 workers. We plan to export the first contracted quantities of goods in September, "Mr.Salihu said.

The "Medinvest" company will initially produce all kinds of men's socks, then the children’s socks, while it will later on switch to the production of women's stockings. The products will be ironed in a natural way, with steam, and packed in containers purchased in Serbia.

Source: Jugmedia, E-kapija and Coordination Body