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May 5, 2010

5. May 2010.

The European Union shall provide from its program of support to local self-governments and public utility companies 14 million euros for the construction of shared water – supply system, which will supply water from the “Prvonek” artificial lake, which is situated near Vranjska Spa, to a wider Vranje region. That is how good drinking water will be permanently provided not only to the Vranje city region, but also to Vranjska Spa, Bujanovac and Presevo.   The whole project costs thirty – four million euros, out of which the Serbian government, along with the local self – governments of Vranje, Bujanovac and Presevo, shall ensure twenty million euros.

Vranje has been provided with water from the „Prvonek“water- supply system for five years so far. In order for the system to become a regional one or in order for the EU project to be implemented, it is necessary to firstly replace the water-pipes from the artificial lake dam to the water plant in the vicinity of Vranje. It is also necessary to overhaul the obsolete units, as well as to replace the existing technologies in the water plant. In that way, the water plant capacities would be increased to six hundred liters of water per second. The old asbestos water pipes, which stretch from the water plant to Vranje, should also be replaced, which would be followed by laying of water pipes from Vranje to Bujanovac and Presevo.